pexels-photo-915972.jpegWhat are your Dreams? Are you chasing them, or afraid of them? What motivates you everyday?

These are all questions you might have heard or might have even asked yourself. My hope is that you will join me, share with me, even become a friend as we share our ideas, achievements and dreams together!

Hello, my name is Michael Shuttlesworth and welcome to my blog.

I was born in Tyler, Texas August of 1957 and presently live in Vicksburg, Mississippi. My adult life really started after joining the Navy in 1982 and being stationed on the USS Midway in yokosuka, japan. I have raised three beautiful and talented children and presently married to my wonderful wife Kim. Presently I hold a position as Deputy Sheriff and look forward to retirement next year!

Writing was not always something I thought about doing, but my mother always enjoyed it, so maybe I got it from her and just did not realize it comes natural. I started writing about 20 years ago, but it was just a poem here and there. It was not until around 2008 that I started to get serioius about it. Writing takes time and concentration, for me that can be a problem with so many distractions, it is hard to regain that thought process and pick up where I left off.

Nevertheless, I have managed to write several Children’s books and about halfway through an adult fiction novel. But, I seriously believe that God’s gift was meant to benefit you and anyone that needs encouragement, insight and hope! My prayer is that through my words someone will find what they are seeking or needing at that moment.

I invite you to follow my journey and pray that God will inspire me and use me to touch your life!


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